This downloadable PDF was made primarily for crafters but it has 4 fantastic automata to make as well as 4 pop-up cards. All the plans are there ready to print and make as well as full video tuition. It would make a fantastic start for any project in Design & technology Key stage 2 or 3

Kinetic Cards are cards that move, turn the handle and you can make Inky the Cat or Patch the Dog appear to bark or meow (silently)!!! or have Freddie Frog leaping on his lily pad and Olly the Owl flap his wings up and down whilst nodding his head. This is card making on a grand scale. Or choose to make just the animals, without the movement, and have them as 3D Cards presented on a special plinth.
This is the most exciting CD-Rom (downloadable PDF) that Robert has brought out since POP-UP Cards 1 & 2. It will take your card making and crafting to a whole new level. Imagine the look of surprise when someone opens the beautiful presentation box you have made and finds a personalised, Kinetic Card that will move.
Each character comes with a full set of colour templates and video instructions, as well as templates to make beautiful themed presentation boxes and a traditional card with a pop-up.

Robert has chosen 4 of the most cherished and collected animals as his inspiration for the Kinetic Cards. As you would expect from one of Roberts Cd-Roms they are going to look spectacular and yet be very simple to make. Full video tutorials show clearly and simply, step by step, how to make everything on the downloadable PDF.

Not only will you find making you Kinetic Cards enjoyable, it may be just the thing to get your children or grandchildren involved. The designs can also be used for school projects as well as for merit badges in Scouts and Guides. Who knows it might just get some more men involved with crafting, too!
If you are looking for something new in your crafting then this downloadable PDF will provide you with the opportunity to make cards that are works of art and will probably be cherished for years to come. It will also introduce you to a fascinating new pastime and if you sell your cards then Kinetic Cards are bound to be a big hit.

You can print the following from this downloadable PDF

4 Themed Kinetic Cards
4 Themed Cards with Pop-Ups
4 Themed Presentation Boxes
4 Silver and Gold metalic effect plaques
that are fully text editable
It also has over 3 hours of tutorial videos

Download now for only £2.99

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