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Automata book
Simple Automata Book

How to Design and Make
Automata - Mechanisms - Mechanical Toys

This CD-Rom combines and transforms our books
How to Design and Make Simple Automata and
How to Design and Make Automata into a multi-media format including nearly an hour of videos and 144 page interactive book which links the text to relevant sections.

The main PDF works within Adobe Reader (PDF format) and uses quicktime to play the movies of all the automata found in the books. It is a fantastic guide to anyone wanting to make their own wooden or card/paper automata and mechanical toys.

Although this resource was aimed at teachers and students but it will be of practical use to anyone wanting to understand more about how mechanisms work and their application to Automata, Moving Toys and Kinetic Art.

Combing the two books into a PDF file gives you the best of both worlds. You can print it and use it as a traditional book or as an interactive document with links to a section on mechanisms and another to a gallery that explains how the Automata work using quicktime movies to clearly show the mechanisms.

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